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I have always loved wildflowers. I love just about all flowers except for skunk cabbage (but that’s another blog post story all together). Roses are beautiful as are tulips and daffodils and all the other hybrid beauties that can be found in the garden but there is a simple pure beauty in a wildflower that  despite all their vibrant colors and flashiness, a hybrid just can’t compete with.  Another admirable quality about wildflowers is their tenacity. Many of them don’t seem as fussy about care and for the most part take care of themselves. I found these lovely bloodroot flowers literally on the roadside one year. They come back faithfully every year and poke up through the gravel and leaves.

People must think I’m crazy when they drive by to see somebody crouching on the roadside with a camera pointed at the ground trying to capture their fleeting blossoms. These pure white early spring flowers have easily become my favorite Virginia wildflower.

There were so many of them that I carefully dug up one small one and put it in my pocket for the rest of my walk. When I got home to our property on the mountainside I planted it in a shady moist spot where a spring runs when it rains really hard. On the way home from work today I stopped to see how it was doing after a day and so far so good. The leaves looked happy and were not wilted at all so I’m hoping it will take hold. I planted it next to our driveway so it should be at home on a roadside again. Maybe if I’m lucky one day it will spread and I will have my own little wildflower garden next to our driveway.

Perhaps this will be the beginning of more wildflower gardens on our property. I can not claim credit for this idea to start cultivating wildflowers however.  My mom is the inspiration. Years ago she planted trilliums on their property in Oregon and although my Mom isn’t around to admire their beauty anymore, the trilliums are thriving and are still there for my Dad to admire and remember some of her beauty that she left behind.

So as I set out on my walk to see if the bloodroot flowers were blooming yet I was on a mission not just to capture some photos but to also bring one home to spread their beauty to our part of the mountain. Maybe one day when I’m not around anymore the flowers I planted will bring  joy to somebody else like these little wildflowers bring to me.

Hopefully this will be just the first addition to my wildflower garden. I’d also like to add Virginia Blue Bells and maybe some milkweed for the monarch butterflies too. Stay tuned 🙂


What the Frack!?

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I checked my email yesterday and decided to look in my junk box since sometimes email is placed in there by my email filters that I don’t want to be in there and sure enough I found a VERY important email. It was a request to sign a letter to the George Washington National Forest Service imploring them to ban ALL fracking in the G.W. National Forest. I am strongly opposed to fracking. After seeing over the years what the oil & gas industry has done to our environment such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the B.P. Gulf of Mexico oil spill and more I have a healthy distrust of the oil & gas industries. When they tell us “oh it’s safe” I have a hard time believing this.

The email  basically stated that the good news is that horizontal fracking has been banned in the George Washington National Forest but the bad news is that the door is still open to vertical fracking which although is not as damaging as horizontal fracking is still not free from accidents and things that can go wrong which as we’ve seen over and over with the oil and gas industry inevitably will go wrong at some point.

Although I oppose fracking the possibility of fracking in the George Washington National Forest is particularly disturbing to me because the G.W. National Forest practically borders our property and is above us on the mountain where we live. We do not live in the town nearby so we get our water from a well and the thought of being able to light the water on fire that flows from our faucet just isn’t appealing to me. Nor is the thought of getting cancer from our drinking water appealing or me either!

It continues to baffle me why we humans are smart enough to explore outer space and put a man on the moon but not smart enough to come up with viable energy sources that don’t kill us in the process of getting them. Perhaps if those in control of our country i.e. politicians and corporations could see past greed these things would be possible but that is another blog altogether.

If you are reading my blog and you are as concerned about the protection of our environment and clean drinking water for all as I am, please take a moment to sign this letter to the George Washington National Forest imploring them to ban ALL fracking in the George Washington National Forest. The deadline for the time period when the National Forest will be taking comments on this in this Monday on 10-17-11.

Here is a great song about fracking that I wanted to pass along too.

Thanks again for reading my blog and signing the letter!